Telehealth Services

Our office participates with telephonic and audio visual telehealth visits. 

You may schedule an appointment by calling the main office number 910-997-7180 and requesting an appointment by phone or by telehealth. 

The front staff and/or telehealth coordinator will obtain all necessary information. This may include the phone number you would like to be called at by telephonic visit or by audio visual visit such as Facetime or by What’s App (if it is different than the one in your chart). This may also include your email address as a link may be sent to you with the upcoming appointment information.

You will be given a time for the appointment which may be a work in and the appointment time may be between certain hours. Please be available during those hours to receive the phone call as the provider will then move on to the next appointment if not able to reach you.

Telehealth appointments can be for any of the following:

Work-in Sick 

ADHD Follow Up 

Medication Request 

Chronic Care Management (such as diabetes or high blood pressure follow ups)

 *you will need to schedule a follow up to come for the child’s height and weight and vaccines if needed as well as any procedures such as hearing or vision tests.